Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peace is not the absence of conflict; rather, it is the presence of authority. Many persons seek to express their spiritual authority through the exercise of their will and perceive that as faith. Peace does not come, only greater conflict. 

This is not to say there are no challenges or tests of faith. It is important to be able to discern the difference between exercise of will and that of faith. Hearing the voice of God is not sufficient. Even the devil hears the voice of God. It seems Christians have the hardest time hearing and even hear the least. The issue is not the hearing the voice, but the authority of being part of Christ's kingdom proceeding from His throne (Ephesians 1). 

If the authority is not in place, peace cannot reign (not speaking of just a few minutes of peaceful bliss). Where the authority of God rests (see Hebrews 4) the voice of God goes forth through our spirit, mind and body, the everlasting doors, and moves this present world.  Jesus describes the actions of the strongman in our clay temple (house) and how the strong man is overcome by one stronger. Who is the strong man in your house? If it is only you, your will is not powerful enough to resist. 

Your authority in the flesh is subject to sin; your authority in the mind, will or intellect is hostile and insubordinate to God; your authority in your spirit man is only in accordance to your peace - joining as a branch, abiding communion with the Spirit of the LORD, seating in the throne  with Christ that you must press to obtain. 

As many as believe, they have the right to become the sons of God. True discipleship guides the process of 'becoming' in accordance with your right. Authority does not exist because it is promised. It must be obtained. There is a wrestling for it even as Jacob wrestled with the Angel. In Galatians we understand that as children of promise we are schooled until we have obtained. Where are you in the journey to obtain?

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